Due diligence relative to the profession

Are you selling or buying an audit firm? Leave it to Inspicio to exercise expert due diligence prior to carrying the purchase or sale into effect.

The sale of an audit firm: If you are selling your audit firm, you may obtain a strategic advantage by having Inspicio conduct an expert due diligence assessment prior to carrying the sale into effect. We will review and assess your system of quality control which will be summed up in a conclusive report that can be presented to potential buyers. The provision of an independent assessment of your system of quality control will signify credibility and, consequently, a precise focus on quality. Should the report indicate a need for any action plans within specific areas, you can subsequently initiate remedial measures, thus enabling documentation in proof of the execution of such measures.

The acquisition of an audit firm: To most, the acquisition of one or more audit firms is a major decision and investment. The quality of established, implemented and applied systems as well as the overall quality culture of the audit firm will be among the most significant unknown factors in such a transaction. In the event that the audit quality of the selling audit firm do not measure up to standards, this may signify serious consequences to the purchasing enterprise – regardless whether, immediately upon acquisition, the buyer takes initiative to transfer engagements etc. to the buyer's system of quality control. Having Inspicio perform an expert due diligence review of the audit firm you consider as a purchase object will provide you with an independent assessment of the system of quality control and quality culture of the audit firm. Our expert due diligence review will be concluded by a written report which you can use in subsequent processes.