Protection of personal data at Inspicio ApS

Personal data are protected under the personal data protection rules, including the EU Personal Data Regulation.

Among other things, the rules on personal data protection stipulate requirements for how Inspicio ApS is required to handle personal data.

Inspicio ApS advise and provide consultancy services to companies and the extent of personal data received is limited. In spite of this, it is a matter of high importance for Inspicio ApS, to treat personal data according to the rules.

This implies, among other things, that Inspicio ApS focuses on keeping only the required personal data.

All personal data will be deleted in accordance with the rules, when they are no longer relevant to Inspicio ApS.

Our Client Agreements, including Terms of business, contains sections about our responsibilities and duties regarding handling personal data.

Terms of business, policy for processing personal data at Inspicio ApS and other matters, can be handed out and answered on request by contact to CEO, State Authorized Public Accountant Martin Samuelsen by mail and phone:


Phone.: +45 41 41 19 34